Mr. Jacobs Builds His Toyhouse

For more years than I can remember I have had "boxes of crap" in storage or sitting around waiting to be unpacked. They've followed me, with doglike devotion, as I crossed the Atlantic a few times and, even though I knew they were b.o.c., I felt vaguely nostalgic about about them.

Then last weekend, in a sudden burst of fervor, I threw some of them out. Two of the boxes contained Lego. "Why?", I asked myself, "Why am I lugging building blocks between two continents? This isn't nostalgia, this is crap." So, out they went. And what happens next? Marc Jacobs shows some quirky little Lego accessories at his Marc show. Talk about building castles in the air...I could have built hair clips, brooches, and my kitchen table. Not that I think "castles in the hair" will be the dernier cri next season...I'm just struck by the irony.

I'm also wondering what Lego had to do with the on and off-duty air hostess looks that made up the Marc Spring/Summer collection. Perhaps it's something to do while your flight is delayed...


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  • Jennifer said...
    9:34 AM
    the hair was so wild,but unique!

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