Do my eyes deceive me?

I haven't been posting about Milan fashion week because nothing that I've seen has really grabbed me (except Prada which I'm still slowly you tend to do with Miuccia's visions). Moschino Cheap & Chic's spray painted smiley face t-shirt, which bore a striking resemblance to Luella's from last did some of the styling. Gucci...all that yellow and black and white made me think of the flight of the bumble bee. And so it goes on...

Then I came to the pictures from Marni and did a "could that be? yes, it is" doubletake...Marni's colorblock dress and CDG's polyeurethane knot bag...long lost twins?


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  • 8:17 PM
    Wow...good eye! Cute blog...wanna swap a link?
  • hebden said...
    8:21 PM
    Thanks. Actually I've been meaning to add a link to your blog for a while, I'm just very bad at updating my links,'re linked now.

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