The four seasons?

I just read an interesting article on the New York Times' website...partially discussing what the abysmal exchange rate will do for sales of European fashion in the US, "One can find a pretty acceptable used car for about the same price a woman is asked to pay for a Lanvin dress"...and also pondering the question of what the current climate changes will do to the world of the article states,

"By Aug. 1, a retailer’s autumn has begun. Whatever isn’t sold by mid-October will be marked down. For consumers that’s a boon. For retailers it is a prospect that inspires dark thoughts. “What are we supposed to do when there are no seasons anymore?”"

Well, I know what I've been doing...much as it saddens me when I see a particularly alluring winter coat or heavy-duty jacket, I rarely buy anything in a substantial fabric in thinner fabrics just makes more sense...when the temperatures do dip I can just add a few layers. The sad thing is that I own plenty of vintage pieces that it rarely gets cold enough to wear. I have some Joseph sweaters for example...knit from heavyweight wool in intricate designs, they're beautiful, but they sit in a closet with bags of moth deterrent and only make very infrequent forays into the world. Let's face it, when you've essentially got an entire sheep on your back, you need the thermometer to take a nosedive...


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  • Linda SS said...
    10:11 AM
    I love to wear only sweaters in the winter and rarely put on a coat, even though our winters are cold and we get snow. My car has a heater and so do all the places I go. So it's just added bulk to wear heavy coats.
  • Maria said...
    12:15 PM
    I grew up in an all year on season fall weather type of city where mornings and evenings were cold and noons were hot. Layaring is very important...I don't think is that bad. I actually miss having full bloom nature all year.
    The exchange rate in the other hand...I think European bussinesses will in deed get a hit from the lack of sales here in the USA.
  • Iheartfashion said...
    6:17 PM
    Yes, the exchange rate is killing me! The thought of paying THAT much for European travel, and really, what's a vacation without any shopping? The dollar's even with Canada's now, which hasn't happened in my lifetime.
  • Emily Kate said...
    6:55 PM
    The sweaters are adorable...
    I love summer, but I definitely have a few chunky knits and a gorgeous winter coat that I love. It makes me a little sad to think that every winter I get to wear them less.
  • Carrie said...
    6:55 PM
    I adore sweaters. Couldn't do winters without them.

    Like Linda ss, I often wear just a sweater, no coat. Even though I live in the NE.
  • 5:29 AM
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