Seek and ye shall find

The research boffins have been out, clipboards in hand, and come up with the data that the average woman owns 111 handbags in her lifetime...and spends about $16,000 on them. Now, this "research" was done by Claire's Accessories so the clipboards were probably covered in rhinestones and I'm pretty sure the lab coat was nicely embellished too...

But, however questionable this information may be, it does make me feel a little better. I admit I have slight "handbag issues" but even though I own a lot of bags it's nowhere near 111. When means I now have a) a nice virtuous feeling and b) comfort that there's room for expansion.

You'll notice I'm not discussing the money aspect...which breaks down to $144 a bag. File this under you-win-some, you-lose-some.


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