"Bang, zoom, straight to the moon!"

September's full moon...hitting skies near you tomorrow...is known by many names...the Harvest Moon...the Fruit Moon...the Corn Moon (I kid thee not). I'd like to suggest a new nom de plume, or should that be nom de lune? The Alexander McQueen Moon.

McQueen Moon followers would, naturally, require the perfect ensemble for a spot of moon worshiping. And really, what could be better than this silk blouse by (you guessed it) Alexander McQueen. If it wasn't for the astronomical price tag of just over two thousand dollars I would be all over it...as it is, I must worship from afar.


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  • Allie said...
    8:02 PM
    I was admiring the almost-full moon this evening on the ride home from dinner. Gorgeous!

    BTW, welcome to Splendicity! :-)

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