It suits a tee

The Sartorialist does it again...a perfect example of dress-y casual. It's pictures like this one that make me wonder (yet again) why my neighborhood seems to be filled with people who insist that the only clothes that can provide them any level of comfort on the weekend are sweatpants or workout gear.

I can understand it if you're know...working out...but for any other activity, wouldn't you rather look like this?


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  • Iheartfashion said...
    8:09 PM
    Yes, The Sartorialist would be out of business in my neighborhood too I'm afraid.
  • Cristina said...
    4:00 PM
    I can't make the mental leap required to equate casual with heels. Can't and won't. :)
  • Allie said...
    8:05 PM
    I saw that picture on his site as well and have been drooling for that coat ever since!

    I live outside DC and around here casual is sweatpants if you're lucky but usually pajamas instead.
  • hebden said...
    8:57 PM
    Pajamas? Seriously?

    Okay, next time I complain about this I will quickly tell myself to shut could obviously be so much worse.

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