Perfectly pixelated

Home at last...on the plus side, the bus-ride-from-hell gave me plenty of time to gaze around me. I could have looked at the buildings, or the lake, or stared into people's car windows as they went by...instead, I found myself fixated by a small portion of the ear, cheek, and neck of the woman in front of me. I should explain, before you all start giving me odd looks (or the virtual equivalent thereof), she was making a call from her PDA...the screen of which was illuminating the aforementioned small portion of her head. The small patch of skin overlaid with light was strangely reminded me of Pascal Dangin and Mario Sorrenti's work on V magazine's website (I had to take screenshots but I urge you to visit the site to watch the images in flash). It's strangely fascinating to watch the make-up being digitally swiped on layer by layer. Pixelated perfection...thanks to virtual maquillage or a moment in time on a bus ride home.


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