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Of all the things to complain about in relation to modern travel...the delays, the seemingly endless security checks, the food at’s a little odd that one of my overwhelming concerns is the vast amount of ugly luggage currently in use. The majority of which, at least from the amount of wear and tear on view, appears to date from the 70’s or have gone a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson and lost.

All this must go some way to explaining why I get such a thrill from luggage which is functional and pleasing to the eye. (The remainder is probably just wanderlust and the related envy of everyone who’s gadding about when I’m not.)

So, even though I’m not a huge Kate Spade fan, I had to share some images of this triangular, patent, de Gaulle duffle bag. Perfect for a short trip...a mere glimpse of its chic-ness is pretty much guaranteed to remove those pesky symptoms of travel-related malaise.


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  • Rollergirl said...
    5:33 PM
    mmm, it's like a giant boiled sweet! Have you seen the Kate Spade website? I thought you'd love it...
  • hebden said...
    7:56 PM
    I love the images on the site, and the ones they use in their print ads...the kind of Wes Anderson-eque nostalgia.

    But I'm not usually keen on the bags themselves, mainly because they are everywhere.
  • Anonymous said...
    1:33 AM
    This is an absolutely gorgeous bag. Love it!
  • Candid Cool said...
    10:14 PM
    I also happened to be looking at luggage on Kate Spade's site last night, she had some pretty cool pieces.

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