Les Bijoux de...moi?

For way too long I have been coveting the girly/macabre skull jewelry created by Sophie Levy for her line, Les Bijoux de Sophie. Unfortunately I was never able to find anyone who stocked them...until now...when my once-a-week troll through Colette's website turned up these brooches.

Of course, nothing is perfect. I like these, but I don't love them compared to other examples of L.B.d.S. that I've seen...and, let's face it, the exchange rate isn't helping either. So, the search continues...I've waited this long, I can hold out until the perfect memento mori turns up.


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  • 7:29 AM
    these, I love!
  • WendyB said...
    11:17 PM
    They are very cute! I love memento mori. That pink one looks like a cookie to me, in a good way.

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