Step 2...insert foot in mouth

In my last post I mentioned my tendency to spend too much money on "one hit wonders" or, at the very least, pieces that tend to fall out of fashion's favor a little faster than they should.

Then what happens? I see pictures from Peter Som's Spring/Summer show and notice masses of Paris designer Nathalie Costes' necklaces...which I love, and have in yellow and black, but after wearing them quite a bit over the last year I was afraid that they may have run their course.

I should have known...I've noticed that if grey-haired old ladies stop me in the street to tell me how much they like something it generally means it's a classic...a distorted classic, but a classic nonetheless.


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  • editor said...
    3:24 PM
    but isn't it up to you if something has sustainable style? is an item a "one hit wonder" if you continue to wear it and find a way to make it relevant and current?
    great necklaces, btw.

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