The snake charmer

Look away now if you don't like ruffles...actually, you'd better not look if you're not keen on snakes either...because Christopher Kane's S/S 08 collection was a fluttering mass of both. From what I've read online it doesn't appear to have been well received which is a shame because, let's face it, unless you're Herve Leger you can only do body con for so long.

Personally I like quite a few of the pieces from the show. Yes, it was a bit derivative (a little Balenciaga here, a little Margiela there) and yes, when you see all of the outfits together it's a tad overwhelming but if they were paired with more laidback pieces (like the ruffled skirt and grey sweatshirt combo from the show) I think they add a nice tough/girly/odd element.


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