Did you hear the one about the milkmaid and the horse?

I’m normally a huge fan of New Zealand designer, Karen Walker. So, needless to say, I was excited to see the pictures from her Spring/Summer 08 show. Once again, I’m not thrilled...though things are getting better…there are elements that I like, just nothing that pulls at my heartstrings and makes me long for new clothes (well, maybe the harlequin top but more on that later).

Overall I felt the collection contained too many washed-out, chalky pastels. I know, I know, it’s a spring collection...but I still don’t see the need to whip out the pastels. The Easter bunny doesn’t exist, let’s accept it and move on. I did, however, like the use of black shoes and tights with the muted tones and if I do end up trying some chalky shades (never say never when it comes to fashion) I think it will definitely be with the addition of a good, sobering, dose of black. This works for the spring season but, as I’ve discovered in prior years, just about kills you during a 90 degree summer day. “Pour être belle, il faut souffrir” as we used to say in my French class...to be beautiful, it is necessary to suffer.

So much for what I’m going to term the “1970’s meets 1930’s Laura Ashley milkmaid” portion of the collection. Next came a tribute to jockeys...in the form of jodhpurs, racing silks, and those cute little caps with the pom-poms on top. This had highs...a red and pale blue harlequin top and some polka-dot dresses...and lows...an ensemble whose striped silk shorts suit had an unfortunate resemblance to pajamas (something which probably also falls under the heading of suffering in the name of beauty).


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  • Iheartfashion said...
    1:24 PM
    I was just going to post on this collection too. I was disappointed in the frilliness of it, having loved Karen Walker's stuff last winter. And that silk shorts set is just wrong!

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