The cat's whiskers...

It's a guilty pleasure but I'm a huge fan of Japanese candy...not just for the flavors and packaging...but for the toys that you can sometimes snag as part of the deal (yes, I am way past the stage where I should want a toy with my sweets but what can you do?). When I was living in London I managed to start a collection of Hello Kitty keychains and was dismayed when my favorite one fell off the bag it had been attached to and was lost for evermore.

All of which, as you probably guessed, is a preamble to try and explain why I am lusting over these Kittys bedecked in designs from the Christian Dior Fall/Winter collection. Just the thing to jazz up your cell phone and, theoretically at least, if they did fall off it would be inside your bag...which should make a search and rescue mission slightly more successful.



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  • enc said...
    10:05 PM
    I think I want those, too! Wow!
  • Jill Sherman said...
    3:00 PM
    OMG, this post made my year!!
  • maca said...
    2:04 AM
    I think i can't resist... ;)

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