A big thank you to Stylefrizz for tagging me with a Premio Award...which, inexplicably, made me think of a variation of the Phil Collins' song (Pre-pre-premio)...hence the title.

Of course, this means that now it's my turn to hand out the award to some blogs that I enjoy. So, here goes (in random order)...

The Search For Chic
Smaggle Style
Style Bubble
The cherry blossom girl

And now, so that no Phil Collins fans feel gypped by the title...meine damen und herren, mesdames et messieurs, ladies and gentlemen...Mr. Phil Collins...

WARNING: Apparently this was voted one of the 50 worst videos of all time...which is probably valid unless you happen to enjoy numerous sightings of the 80's British mullet in one of its native habitats...


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  • Rollergirl said...
    3:44 PM
    Thank you! I was just thinking about your blog today, I've not visited for a while - no real reason why, so I need to do some catching up! Now I did already get one of these awards a couple of weeks ago (in fact, I think it came from Ms Smaggle)... the joke was that no-one knew what a Premio Award was but we were all quite happy to accept it!

    also, can I just say that one of my fave records is ...Cheese Alert!... Against All Odds! Hah, there I've said it.
  • enc said...
    11:54 PM
    Congratulations, this award befits you perfectly!

    You chose all the best blogs as your awardees!
  • hebden said...
    4:29 PM
    rollergirl - nice to "see" would be amusing if the P.A. turned out to be something strange...
  • Lady Smaggle said...
    1:12 AM
    Oh wow! Thank you so much for the award but I've already been tagged. And yes I did tag Rollergirl! :-) Feel free to pass mine on to someone else!
  • 11:47 AM
    Thank you dear. <3 I love your blog..I already received one..please forgive me..I am jut so lazy getting around to posting these thing... :)

    But really appreciated.. especially from you.:)
  • hebden said...
    3:18 PM
    thesearch - no problem...I always think these things should fall under the "it's the thought that counts" category as opposed to making people feel that they have to do a post about it.

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