The World According to Isabel...

"For me, the most important thing is more about the attitude and having a kind of elegance that is natural."

"People often speak about me as being the representative of the French girl on the street," explains Marant. "It's true that my aim was to dress up everyday girls who want to feel pretty, but don't want to feel overly sexy or over-dressed — a girl who's a bit casual, cozy chic."

The quotes above were taken from a virtual tour of Paris that designer Isabel Marant put together for Elle's website. I posted them here because, as I read them, I found myself nodding in agreement as they perfectly (and succinctly) sum up what I aspire to outfit-wise...pretty, casual, cozy, chic...done, yet un-done, at the same time.

All of which got me wondering...if you had to describe your style objectives in four words, what would they be?


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  • K.Line said...
    3:46 PM
    Oooh, good question! I'd like to say (cuz this is how I want to be seen): chic, unique, eclectic and sexy. Don't know how all of these go together?!
  • enc said...
    7:58 PM
  • susie_bubble said...
    9:44 AM
    I could never be an Isabel Marant girl...
  • Jacqueline said...
    6:06 AM
    Interesting question; comfortable, chic,stylish and sexy would probably sum up my style. I'm not one for fussy clothing.
  • Jacqueline said...
    6:09 AM
    I must say I really like suits, lots of black and white pieces too. My frend Grandmother has influenced the way I dress and I think it comes across
  • WendyB said...
    6:23 PM
    1. Don't
    2. Like
    3. Describing
    4. Style
  • Anonymous said...
    3:15 AM
    Kudos on the Q~

    I would say for me fashion is a way of putting on a new persona every day so while I love to look polished, sometimes I just want to put on jean cut-offs and an oversized tee-shirt and still look sexy. So EFFORTLESS would be my first word.

    The other three? FUN, FUNKY & DRAMATIC!

    I guess like some sort of Magpie Earth Goddess
  • Anonymous said...
    3:22 PM
    Vintage, chic, simple (nice lines over excessive embellishment), feminine.
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