“In life, unlike chess, the game continues after checkmate” - Isaac Asimov

Another day...another sale purchase...though I swear on my future dream closet that this is it. At this point in the current sale season I've racked up the vaguely avant garde (the Watanabe Humpty Dumpty meets MC Hammer pants)...the childlike and comfortable (Opening Ceremony's suede desert boots)...and the long-lusted after (Heimstone's Perfecto jacket).

All that was missing were a couple of basics...like this shirt and cardigan from Fred Perry Subculture...the cardigan will replace a similar black cotton number which I literally wore to shreds and the gingham shirt because, in my humble opinion, a girl can never have too many gingham shirts...even though Mr. Heb did some serious eye rolling as he said "what, another one?"



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  • enc said...
    11:10 AM
    Maybe the charm of this checked shirt was lost on Mr. Heb, but not on me. It's superb. So is that cardi. Nice choices!

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