Once upon a time...in land far, far, away...

It seems like eons ago...actually it's about six months...since I first verbalized my lust for Heimstone's Perfecto jacket. It was...perfection. The ideal combination of the lady and the tramp. Also, hideously expensive (thanks to the exchange rate) and very hard to find (thanks to...lack of foresight from US buyers?)...I had, sadly, given up hope.

And then...just before my birthday...I was doing a little Googling and discovered the Perfecto on sale. A little more Googling and I found a discount code for the online store. End result...the perfect(o) birthday present has just arrived and (not only am I blissfully happy that it is now in my sticky little hands but...) I have saved Mr. Heb a tidy little chunk of cash (as this was his gift to me).

Moral of the story: never give up hope and always search for discount codes...especially when it comes to small boutiques.


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  • Rowena said...
    9:41 AM
    Gosh - lucky you, it IS lovely...
  • WendyB said...
    11:43 AM
    Love it!
  • enc said...
    11:09 AM
    Oh BOY!!!!!

    I love this! Hooray for you.
  • 12:53 AM
    It is perfection indeed.

    And Happy Birthday!
  • 12:49 PM
    such a great jacket..seriously divine.

    This is why i should not spend any money in the summer...

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