The a head

Every so often I get the urge to do something "pretty" with the unruly mop which constitutes my hair. It is, however, generally a rare and rather fleeting feeling...which means that I should probably get a grip on myself and not splurge on one of Paris jeweler, Adeline Cacheux's sterling silver "Bijou de tete"...

So, even though it is incredibly pretty (in a satisfyingly punk sort of way)...and probably a great morale booster during potential 'bad hair days' will be staying in Paris. Which doesn't mean that I'll necessarily be bijouless in the tete department. I'm thinking some chain necklaces that I don't wear anymore...a little elastic...and I may have a passable homage to the real thing.



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  • enc said...
    1:03 AM
    This is a perfect DIY project.

    I'd love to do it myself, but the chains would slide right out. My hair is too slick and fine.

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