If it weren't for the rain you might never come down...

I don't know what it says...for life in general...or my sanity in particular...that a stylized view of Britain...in the form of the "To The Manor Born" editorial from the August issue of Vogue Nippon...can invoke waves of nostalgia. And yet, here we are. And a virtual flip through the images made me yearn for a pint in a pub, overcast skies, and the inherent grimness of what Billy Bragg sang about in "Northern Industrial Town". Even Balenciaga's frontally slashed skirt was included in the halo of rose-tintedness...despite my personal belief that almost everyone is going to look like they've got chunky thighs in that little number.

The sorry state of the dollar though means no trips to the UK are in my immediate future so I'll just have to content myself with these pictures...and thoughts of silk scarves, ladylike skirts, and pointy shoes (once the weather becomes a little less Hades-like).



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  • enc said...
    9:51 PM
    These images are absolutely SUPERB. Now you've got ME all nostalgic for old Blighty.

    That Bal. skirt is the best thing I've seen in months. Try sitting down in it, though!
  • site said...
    6:20 AM
    The guy is absolutely fair, and there is no suspicion.

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