"I bought him an attractive bird cage made in Switzerland," - Charles F. Kettering

...except that I didn't...I bought candy...this t-shirt...and a satisfyingly kitsch "I lost my heart in Switzerland" patch.

As Fall is just around the corner I'm convincing myself that it's cool enough to wear a jacket...in this case, a cotton tuxedo (of the style worn by French waiters in black and white movies) from Margiela's MM6 line. I've also convinced myself to drag my python and silk Lanvin bag out of the closet...up until this point I've been so transfixed by its beauty (and accompanying delicacy) that I've been too nervous to use it...the time has come to cross my fingers and hope for the best...


T-shirt - Zara, jacket - MM6, pants - Prada, flats - Me Too, bag - Lanvin


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  • annemarie said...
    12:08 PM
    Oh Christ. That bag. I want it. Can I have it? Please? Dammit, PLEASE!

    The little red shoes are adorable.

    I think you have nailed that "Parisian Punkette" look that Gaultier was on about-- it is a pinch of punk, a spoon of chic, and a bowl of bourgeois. Oh la la. Formidable!
  • Hebden said...
    6:46 PM
    Merci mille fois!
  • -h said...
    10:09 AM
    i like the mm6 line. great ensemble

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