"...a scabrous spot of rot..."

"He did not know what love was. And he did not know what good it was. But he knew he carried it around with him, a scabrous spot of rot, of contagion, for which there was no cure." - Harry Crews


I'm torn by the whole Balenciaga polka-dotted leg debate (what...you missed that...ah, it happened in a dull moment after the whole 'should a hem be double stitched' debacle...thrilling stuff). My concerns are twofold...
  1. I am, as I've said before, a klutz...at a rough estimate, I give myself 30 minutes before the dots on the tights are joined by a few ragged tears and holes
  2. Elegant though they looked on the runway I can't help but wonder if the overall impression (on me at least) will be someone with leg-based chicken pox who should be home in bed and not spreading disease through the general populace
The good news is that, should I decide to risk both of the above eventualities, I have located a purveyor of polka dots (at satisfyingly non-Balenciaga prices).


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  • annemarie said...
    7:11 AM
    My problem is less with the polka dots than the "barely black" hue. Though being impressionable and susceptible to the whims of fashion over my better nature, I am sure I will acquire a number of pairs in the next few months and will just have to endure the pain and unfairness of waxing in the winter.

    This was actually my first thought when I saw the resurgence of the barely black tight.

    I love the forgiving opaques. R.I.P
  • Madelene said...
    9:17 AM
    I could never wear these, I would like silly and very far from elegant - however cute they are.
  • Hebden said...
    12:52 PM
    annemarie - you know, I'd completely overlooked the whole "anemic black" issue...another con to add to the list...but, like you, I am susceptible (as you can see from my latest post).
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