"Surgery is by far the worst snob among the handicrafts" - Austin O'Malley

I've mentioned Made Her Think's bags before...but in that case it was a stingray clutch...so I'm allowing myself a partial re-post to mention her latest design (which is a shoulder bag and therefore much more useful for daydreamers like myself who rely upon a strap to keep themselves and their bags in close proximity).

It's not the strap though that's getting my pulse racing...that's being taken care of by what I can best describe as the "Dr. Frankenstein goes luxe" concept of slightly wrinkled leather...sewn together by a surgeon wielding golden sutures and copious amounts of metal plates.



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  • WorkItBerk said...
    6:38 PM
    I want; I need! Great find.

  • Gold Sphere said...
    8:56 AM
    Now this is great, where can one find it?
  • Hebden said...
    9:03 AM
    G.S. - I think you need to contact them directly via their website...my understanding is that they're only making a limited number.

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