"If you could see my legs when I take my boots off, you'd form some idea of what unrequited affection is." - Charles Dickens

I've found myself staring into space quite a bit recently...thinking deep, boot related thoughts (I know, I know...like a prospective Miss World I should probably be considering world peace or the end of hunger but, there you go).

The problem is that this is yet another skirmish in the ongoing battle between "practical" and "what I'd really like if I didn't have to think about things like the weather...comfortable mobility...and a post-root canal lack of funds". In this instance I have a feeling that practical may lose...especially if I spend too much time thinking about these beauties from ld tuttle.



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  • annemarie said...
    9:20 AM
    Oh christ, could it be any more hard-sell with a title like "The Corset Boot"? My heart was breaking before the picture even loaded.

    They look like something that a femme lone ranger in the old Wild West would grab from under the bed where some sleeping handsome prey lay before she saddled up her horse and took off in pursuit of more adventurous glamorama....did the boot itself inspire this image or the title?

    Either way, I would get them. Root canals hurt like hell-- you deserve them.

    I love the navy-- more eye-catching than black, yet still subtle.

    I don't own any LD Tuttle, but I've always thought that their shoes look very comfortable for non-flats. And the heel on "The Corset Boot" (sigh) looks especially manageable. My personal rule is anything below 3 inches is for walking, anything above strictly for posing.

    The CPW would defo work out with this. Come on, you need The Corset Boot.

    God, imagine how good they would look with the naughty nurse dress...
  • Emilia said...
    5:30 AM
    i love the shoes, little bit excentric
  • enc said...
    8:54 AM
    Those are worth daydreaming over.
  • 5:06 AM
    Here, I do not really suppose this will have effect.

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