"Speak in French when you can't think of English for a thing - turn out your toes when you walk-and remember who you are!" - Lewis Carroll

I feel like starting a petition to get French brand, the kooples, to start selling their clothes in the US...it's either that or stop looking at their website...as every time I do so I find at least one or two items to drool over...this time my unrequited love list includes this button necked t-shirt and double-zip-waisted tweed skirt...nothing excessive, just basics with that extra bit of detail.



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  • jules said...
    8:33 AM
    i love the cut on the kooples garments. some time ago, i saw a perfect jacket with slim lapels, perfectly shrunken fit, with the double-pocket. looks like great quality as well.
  • enc said...
    8:56 AM
    I could see myself wearing out a top like that.
  • annemarie said...
    8:58 AM
    Hmmm, a bra on that model wouldn't go amiss.

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