Parting is such sweet sorrow...

...though, as Juliet would probably have admitted, the sadness is mitigated when you come by what could be deemed as a "steal". As I mentioned yesterday, the fact that my favorite local store was closing was riddling me with guilt...and a vulture like urge to pick the remains...

An emotion that others must have shared as the pickings weren't plentiful. I did, however, manage to check an item off my mental wish list when I stumbled across this dress from Paris based designers, Surface to Air. I've been on the lookout for a denim dress for a while now...but I didn't want one that screamed "denim"...just a dress with interesting design details that happened to have been made out of denim. In this instance, the details are off-kilter sophistication on the front (as Mr. Heb said, "it looks like a dressy nurse's uniform)...while on the rear, the raw seams that I'd usually associate with Japanese denim have morphed into a very decorative embellishment. The best part...and the reason I'm calling it a that its price tag had been satisfyingly scribbled upon with reductions and counter reductions...until it reached the final sum of $46.



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  • annemarie said...
    9:30 AM
    Well done! I have been contemplating this dress online for a while myself (at $72, not as good a reduction, but very reasonable nonetheless). It seems to have quite a boxy shape though, which has put me off it a little. How does it hang on the body? Is it boxy? Damn, I had almost banished it from my mind but now that I see you have bought it I think I want it again. Is there a name for this condition? Or a cure for it, maybe?

    I thought it was more like "sexy air hostess" than "dressy nurse," though either of course works exceedingly well for me.

    BTW- Do you live in the US? All these months I thought you were a Scot living in England.
  • Hebden said...
    9:52 AM
    To be honest, I think the dress photographs badly (I say this because I tried to find an image on various websites rather than using my own, rather grotty ones and, on the majority of the models, it did indeed look like a box)...if I'd seen it online I probably wouldn't have bought it.

    In person, the details really stand out...especially on the back...making it a really unique dress. I'd say that it's a little boxy but not overwhelmingly so.

    This probably won't lurk long in my closet before I wear it...I'll post a picture as soon as I do so you can see it "in real life".

    ...oh, and I am a Scot...who's lived in France and England in the past...currently lurking in the US
  • Gold Sphere said...
    9:02 PM
    This is gorgeous! You really have the best taste in dresses, how do you do it?

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