As easy as expensive as DEF

A little more luggage lust...this time courtesy of Blog Sorbeta.

On a Goyard related note...I recently learned that the fee for customization, i.e. the addition of your initials and some stripes to one of their bags is around $300. Now I understand the need to charge for this additional service, but doesn't this seem a little high...especially if you've just handed over a couple of thousand dollars for the bag itself?

And does this lead to a sub-category of elitism? If you have the bag without the initials are you somehow less "worthy" than the person who coughed up the additional money to let the world know the bag is theirs? On a popular fashion forum I read that "the only reason to get Goyard is to have it customized"...shouldn't the reason to get a bag be because you love the bag itself?


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  • Anonymous said...
    12:01 PM
    Don't forget that it is still free to have your Louis Vuitton baggage personalized free of charge.
    I feel that the quality of Louis Vuitton products is higher than that of Goyard.

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