Practically Impractical

Much as I love Les Prairies Des Paris' Lainette coat I have to admit it's not the most practical winter warmer out there. On the pro side...tweed and length. On the con...three-quarter sleeves and a split sideseam. In this case, the con's win...I'm trying to imagine walking down the street on a windy winter day with my coat blowing in four directions at one time. Potentially photogenic, "the wind blown look"...realistically "bag lady in a storm".


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  • editor said...
    10:27 AM
    this is definitely one of those instances where you would buy the piece to wear it... 4-8 times in a year. it has to be maybe 60 degrees outside, and, as you noted, not windy. these days, fall lasts about a week and then we're on to winter here. these items frustrate me because they're very beautiful.
  • 10:33 AM
    Oh my god, there's a great deal of helpful information here!

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