The time is now?

I recently read that some women are still patiently waiting for the Balenciaga jackets and scarves they pre-ordered and which they are now expecting to receive in mid to late October. Yes, those jackets and those scarves which have been in every magazine and spawned numerous copies...except these are the real, and very expensive, deal.

Which got me thinking...the scarves are selling for around 1,000 to 4,000 Euros depending on the amount of embellishment...the jackets are similar big ticket items...won't they be a little dated by the time they get them? I know, they're "pieces" which can be worn for a long time to come, cherished, and handed down to future generations but isn't a part of this the thrill of wearing something new? When does late become too late and what is the cut-off point? When the cruise collections hit the stores in November?


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  • Maria said...
    10:49 PM
    Funny! I got all the "balenciaga" ideas, without the price tag. First I would not pay 2200 for an item when I can get it for les than 10% that cost. Second why what I gain from carrying a badge that expensive?
    I got a Vintage oscar de la renta scarf that contains both ethnic and colonial aproach in shades of royal blue and burgundy.

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