More layers than an onion

The weather has broken...finally...and cooler temperatures are here. Wonderful news, except that today I suffered from the common illness of too-many-layer-itis. The symptoms of this disease include the over-enthusiastic addition of Fall/Winter clothing at the start of the day. Followed by a slow removal of said layers as the day progresses, and the sufferer realizes that the air conditioning system at work has changed from its usual blast of frigid air to searing heat.

The patient (at right) wore a t-shirt from the Gap, thin sweater from COS, a Martin Margiela jacket, pin-striped skirt from Club Monaco and homemade necklace. A trenchcoat provided yet another layer. Prolonged layer-itis caused the worst Photoshopping of a pair of feet known to mankind. It is hoped that additional exposure to cold weather and a repetition of the mantra "less is more" when faced with the closet in the morning will lead to a complete recovery.


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