“On a sofa upholstered in panther skin, Mona did researches in original sin.” - William Plomer

I think I have some subconscious desire to look like a 1960's sofa...not that I'm saying that's a bad thing...just mentioning that my love of clothes which look like they were created from furnishing fabric is reaching proportions which cannot be ignored. Take this tie-front, plaid swingcoat from Forever 21's Twelve by Twelve line...I'm completely smitten by the Phillip Lim meets Jackie O shape...add in the thrift store sofa vibe and it's love at first sight...not bad for $89.


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  • Anonymous said...
    1:04 AM
    William plomer says that it is a function of creative men to perceive the relations between their thoughts. I think that his loved clothes look like created from furnishing. Thank you.

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