The Italian Job

Not to make this sound like a fashion related therapy session but...Moschino always makes me think of my mother. During the 80's she had a slight passion for the label. Which means that I have quite a few pieces of clothing that I don't like to get rid of but can't quite figure out what to do with…if anyone has any suggestions for a pair of transparent, wide-legged palazzo pants patterned to look like a roulette table, let me know. With numerous designers' fixation with see-through trousers for next Spring/Summer I should be able to think of something but, to be honest, if I'm wearing trousers I generally like them to cover rather than reveal. And walking around looking like an advertisement for gambling doesn't really thrill me either. There's irony and there's "what are you wearing?".

However, if you happen to like vintage Moschino…and didn't have a relation who mass bought it like a demented squirrel gathering nuts before a long may want to visit Yoox. Starting today pieces from the Moschino archives are up for sale, with the profits going to AMREF's "Going to school with AMREF" project in Kenya. The most wearable items are probably the silk scarves…Moschino's whimsicality works best in small doses…but there are plenty of options for the more favorite of which is a pair of Burberry-esque MC Hammer pants which manage to combine a classic, chav culture, and the 80's in a most alarming way.


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