Oh! Mr. Hairdresser

Disclaimer: if you're not British this post is probably going to make no sense whatsoever. Apologies.

But when Polite left a comment on my David Shrigley post, and included a link to their online shop, I found something which roused my sense of nostalgia to an alarming degree. If you were in Britain in the 90's you would have encountered, amongst other things, the humor of Vic Reeves...difficult to classify, absurd is the first word that comes to mind, but very funny. I actually still have a cassette tape of Reeves' album "I Will Cure You"...a hodgepodge of cover songs, original material, and the song that made it to #1...a cover of "Dizzy". After prolonged pleading from my husband the tape only gets played when I am alone...that's the thing with Reeves...you either love his work or hate it.

But back to the reason for my ramblings...the boxed sets of greeting cards and postcards featuring Reeves' art work. There are three sets...Celebrity with Donald Sinden and Elvis doing the ironing...Elvis gets his own box where he goes to the shops or dresses as Walter Raleigh...the triumvirate ends with everyone's favorite theme, Treason. Each box contains six greeting cards and eight "celebrity caravan" postcards (quite literally, if a celebrity was going to live in a trailer what would the trailer look like).

Finally, some greeting cards that I actually find amusing...


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  • Tim said...
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    Good Job! :)

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