Heads you win, skulls you lose

When I saw the detail shots from Jun Takahashi's Spring/Summer collection for Undercover my first thought was "craft project". The cut-out skulls and spiders...and the embroidered variations of the same...seemed to scream DIY. Which just goes to show how bad my hearing can be and that appearances can be very deceptive. In my version, the naiveté of Undercover's skull was transformed into pre-school...not quite what I was going for. The materials may have had something to do with it, the juxtaposition between the images and the richness of the fabrics do add a certain something...a je ne sais quoi that felt just does not provide.

So, though it was initially going to be part of a necklace, I cut my losses when I saw how things were going. And now I have...an over-sized felt brooch (best case scenario)...a patch to add to a bag...a drinks' coaster (worst case scenario).


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