“Good as drink is, it ends in thirst.” - Irish Proverb

Something to consider...for $140,000 you could buy:

a) somewhere to live...or at least a hefty downpayment on a home

b) seven Mini Coopers...perfect if you and your six little friends hang out with Snow White

c) a Karl Lagerfeld designed perchskin guitar case containing six bottles of rare Dom Perignon Rose Vintages and three Champagne glasses...insert audible gasps here

Yes, just in time for Christmas, the "Room of Luxury" at Harrods is offering the perfect present for any alcoholic musicians on your gift list. Now I enjoy wine, probably too much, but I have to wonder...if you can afford this is there really nothing else that you would rather spend the money on?


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    The writer is totally right, and there is no skepticism.

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