"Investment must be rational; If you don't understand it, don't do it." - Warren Buffett

My investment strategy has always been more Carrie Bradshaw ("I like my money where I can see it...in my closet") than Warren Buffet. News that Prada is aiming for an IPO next year though may make me dip my toes into the more traditional speculative options. After all, a popular investment theory seems to be that you should invest in what you know...one glance at my closet tells me I know Prada, all too well. In fact, prior purchases will now be categorized as "investment research". And going forward, I will add this to my justification process. Yes, the ever popular "cost per wear" theory will be joined by the "but this is helping my portfolio" theory. Which means that the grey, elbow-length, ribbed, knitted gloves that I have been oggling when I walk past the Prada store now seem to be something that even Warren may approve of.


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