Should I stay or should I go?

If you happen to know someone who is a bit of a butter-fingers when it comes to doing the washing up Tate Modern has the perfect gift...Glasgow artist David Shrigley's "Tell me when I am no longer needed and I shall go" teatowel. It's the red card of the kitchen. Were it not for the fact that the exchange rate would make this a $40 tea towel I would be ordering one right this second. As it is I shall have to comfort myself with Shrigley's this case Easter Bunny, Ignore This Building, and (my personal favorite) Lost.


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  • polite. said...
    12:55 PM
    You might also find this page interesting:
  • hebden said...
    5:26 PM
    I did...great site! I'm a Vic Reeve fan from years ago so, have to say, they're my faves.
  • WendyB said...
    6:34 PM
    I LOVE the building and pigeon pictures!

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