Tiptoe...through the tulips...with me

There were so many flowers on the Paris runways this week...the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. As I flicked through images of Kenzo's floral tribute (which, let's face it, wouldn't have been Kenzo if it didn't have flowers) I remembered my mother's drug addict-esque fascination with Kenzo in the late-80's, early 90's. She'd whizz round the store in Paris...drawn to yet one more flower covered skirt/bag/shirt like a moth to a flame.

Which meant that somewhere...in a closet or suitcase...the Kenzo motherload was resting quietly. And, after much digging around earlier today, I uncovered it...or at least as much of it as I think I'm going to find. The result of this "closet shopping" was a black floral boxy clutch with a useful (and removable) leather strap to convert it to a cross-body bag and two large cotton pareos. What I especially like about the pareos is that they're made from a very thin cotton so even though they are huge they can be worn like regular scarves or tied into an oversized bow-tie. With some more time on my hands, and the right skirt, I'd like to see if one of them could be worn apron-style as an overskirt.

So, some blooming lovely additions to my everyday wardrobe and not a penny spent...I really need to closet shop more often.


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