The Best of Both Worlds

Even though I love my iPod, and the associated ease with which I can download a song (was spending money ever so frighteningly easy as the 99 cent click?) I still have a modest collection of records. Mainly inherited and horribly kitsch...more Nancy Sinatra and Trini Lopez than should ever see the light of day...there are some songs that I’d like to add, in all their scratchy glory, to my Pod. And now, I can. Thanks to the vinyl archiver there is the possibility for some very frightening new playlists. Be afraid, be very afraid.


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  • Eli said...
    2:21 PM

    I love my records. I still collect all kinds of exotica records that you could never find on the coolest of itunes' type of things.
  • Allie said...
    7:26 AM
    How cool! I have seen so many ingenious tools like this in catalogs this year; I got my mom a slide or negative to jpg machine for Christmas and saw this contraption in the same catalog and suggested it for my husband to get for his father!

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