Fur from the Madding Crowd

'Tis the season for 50's style fur hats...at least if you go by some recent pictures that I came across...as both Sienna Miller and several of the Face Hunter's street-stylers have been sporting chapeaus worthy of the chicest grandmas.

To be honest, I'm glad to see a few more people wearing this style...I bought one a couple of years ago at Prada (as modeled by the crazy Christmas cut-out)...when I was feeling flush and the words "mink" and "Prada" closely linked didn't send me into a complete state of shock. I wear it when I'm feeling lavish...and cold...and, though I don't want to be surrounded by people wearing the same thing as I am, it is nice not to feel like the only person alone in the wilderness...even if I am walking along in a fabulous hat.

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  • Rollergirl said...
    11:44 AM
    I swear by my fur Russian hat. But feel bad about it being real fur n all. But it's second hand so I guess that lets me off the hook, right? It gives me the WORST square-shaped hat hair though.
  • Eli said...
    3:19 PM
    I like this sort of...but fur just kind of creeps me out.

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