An Ode to Practicality

As we are in the grip of yet another winter storm I wanted to say a few words on behalf of practical clothing. Especially since during the last few bouts of bad weather I've seen men and women in outfits more suited for a balmy day in June than the middle of an ice storm. And so, a few thoughts...

Gentlemen - walking around in minus whatever windchills with no coat, jacket, or scarf does not make you look "tough"...just mildly deranged...and frost-bitten.

Shoes - I know it's what your mother told you and therefore horribly un-cool but having wet feet will make you miserable for the rest of the day...and ruin the shoes that you're so desperately trying to wear. Do yourself a huge favor, buy a pair of wellies and carry your nice shoes in your handbag until you get where you're going.

Practical does not necessarily mean ugly - there seems to be the general thought that practical and cute are arch-enemies...they're not...though you may need to do some searching to track down their lair.


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  • Polly said...
    3:28 PM
    Great picture. We're having a storm here too. We went out to lunch after church today and I couldn't believe some of the outfits I saw on grown women. Disney fleece sweatshirts. Clunky tennies with long denim skirts. There are stylish items in all price ranges - no need to venture into bag lady territory.

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