Rudolph's nose...Holly berries...and me

Relatively often, I find myself in a "theme" color without realizing it...i.e. I leave the house in orange and brown the week before Halloween and end up having to listen to pumpkin related jokes for the rest of the day...or I suddenly find myself wearing red and green together anytime during the month of December...even a wooden deer brooch from Tatty Devine resulted in hours of Rudolph related witticisms from my boss...and this was in November!

It feels like my "punishment" for choosing the clothes I feel like wearing that day (instead of worrying about any potential celebrations lurking around the corner) is to provide humor to those around me. But, let's face it, if that's the worst that the fashion Gods can hurl down upon me it's really not that bad. And so, I shall continue with my, generally unintentional, theming...perhaps with this
Geren Ford ruched neck top...surely more Lady of Shallot than Rudolph's nose, despite what the comedians will say...
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  • editor said...
    3:17 PM
    okay, a. i really love red. b. i don't know which i love more, this top or the way she's wearing it!!!
    eye candy. thank you.

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