Styx and Stones

They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. That could be my cri de downfall...and something that I should probably have tattooed on my body somewhere. I said, and I really meant it at the time, that even during this season of festivities (as I have several party dresses that have not exactly been worn to death) I would not be buying a new dress. And, I suppose if I wanted to back out on a technicality, I could say that I haven't bought a new dress as the item in question is an eBay find from the 1970's. However, it's new to me, and is money that I wasn't planning on spending so I am treating the technicality with the scorn it deserves. But, weak willed as I obviously am, how could I pass by this Diane Fres floral frock?

In my mind's eye I'm seeing it as a combination of the color-saturated florals seen on the runways of Balenciaga and Dries van Noten for this up-coming Spring...with a dash of Balenciaga's scarf from this Fall...and a smidge of 60's Talitha Getty in Marrakesh. A dress that I can wear equally well to a party this winter or a picnic next summer. At least that's my story, and I'm sticking to it (as I hide my credit card and await the man from UPS).


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  • Rollergirl said...
    7:27 PM
    It's gorgeous and unique. You done well!
  • Emma said...
    7:53 PM
    These outfits are hot.

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