The big cover-up

When you're a child, the main problem you run into at Christmas is whether or not anyone remembered to buy the batteries for whatever game they bought you. As an adult, though you still may have battery problems, the issue more often becomes what much needed accessories the gift-giver forgot to buy. This Christmas, for example, I bought Mr. Heb an iPod Touch, but not a carrying case. In my defense, I didn't actually forget to buy a was just that the only case I found that I actually liked was on back-order until the end of time.

And happens in times of desperation...the sewing kit came out...

Mr. Heb favors the English-Bohemian-alcoholic-writer look, i.e. the mix of patterns and textures found at Paul Smith with a dash of Trovata and memories of Hemingway, and the goal was for the case to reflect that aesthetic. Armed with felt (for the lining), polka-dot fabric (from a worn-out shirt), braid (from a bandleader's uniform), ribbon, and a vintage mother of pearl shirt button this is the end result...more Sergeant Pepper than Hemingway but protection nonetheless.


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  • Anonymous said...
    4:19 PM
    Very nice handy-work. I like the new techno/hand-maid combo. Been lurking and enjoying your blog recently.
  • andshewas said...
    4:57 PM
    this is officially a fucking awesome ipod cozy.
    i'm jealous of mr. heb.
    well done.
  • Sonja said...
    6:01 AM
    very cute! And very funny written!
  • hebden said...
    9:59 AM
    Thanks for the kind words everyone!
  • 2:43 PM
    I love this way more than the conventional cases out there. Personal touch is a big plus. Nice work.

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