The quest for the Holy Grail

The clip from Monty Python's Holy Grail has (I admit) very, very, little connection to the rest of the post but, having worked my way through three (count 'em, three) articles on the UK Times' website on "How to shop the sales", I am in need of a change and there is a somewhat tenuous connection between Python's Grail and my own...quite a few things on my Grail List are French.

To explain, my Grail List is a selection of items that I have lusted over for a long period of time but which are way out of my budget. They're the things that are always in the back of my mind when I go sale shopping...because hope springs eternal that they may be sitting on a rail, marked down beyond belief. And, actually, I've been incredibly lucky. I have, on two separate occasions, been able to cross things off the G.L...namely a Lucien-Pellat Finet sweater and Chanel jacket.

In the spirit of the season, for fellow Grail List-ers, I wanted to mention this canvas Chanel jacket . From vintage online store Vagabond NYC...and listed at $385...I need someone to buy it now...before I realize there was a typo on my G.L. and I actually wanted two Chanel jackets (to go along with the Two French Doves on my 12 Days of Christmas list).


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  • Candid Cool said...
    9:44 PM
    i like that you call it a Holy grail list, finally i have a name for those things that im always on the look out for

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