Fringe benefits?

I am now going to commit fashion heresy and say that, up until this point, I have not been a fan of Kate Moss' latest haircut. It's not just the fact that it's aging and unflattering on her...there's the additional thought that it's going to be a whole lot more aging and unflattering on everyone who gets a copycat cut. In addition, there's the disturbing fact that the overall vibe is more suburban mom than edgy supermodel.

Having said all that, in the new ads for Yves Saint Laurent, the fringe works. I have a feeling though that this is a temporary, ad-induced, change of mind...I wasn't keen on the jewelery from the YSL show either and even it looks good in this picture. Ah, advertising Gods...if only you could wave your magic wand in my direction occasionally...I wouldn't mind the "rose colored glasses" effect every now and then.


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