A tribute…I think

Vaguely...through the hazy mists of early childhood memories...I remember my mother having a male friend who she insisted on referring to as “Fancy Pants”, probably due to the fact (and this is frighteningly clear, even through the aforementioned mists) that he wore very fancy pants indeed. The image of one multi-colored patchwork pair, for instance, will probably stay with me forever.

As I looked at the recent additions to J Crew’s website I came across these bright red sailor pants and, I have to admit, I find them strangely appealing. Not quite fancy enough to reach the dizzy heights set by The Great F.P. but, nevertheless, pretty snazzy. The only nagging doubt is whether anyone’s rear...and specifically mine...should be highlighted to such a dazzling degree. Obviously F.P. had a very healthy self-image...


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  • Iheartfashion said...
    6:00 PM
    Ooooh, I was sorely tempted by these too, and I already have one pair of red pants!
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