I can see it in the cards...at least, I think I can

A visit to Prada's (very slow loading) eCommerce site yields an...um...interesting selection of Christmas gift suggestions. The featured items are only available to be shipped to certain European countries but, to be honest, most of the things on the site didn't exactly light me up with excitement. There's the slightly surreal "bear that looks like it's been in an accident and is wearing a head brace" bag trick and his friends, the other escapees from the insane asylum's teddybear's picnic. I think I know where they were going with this idea...the vintage bear with oh-so-modern embellishments...but, having seen one in person, they actually just look a little ratty...like they were attacked by moths.

There's also the usual selection of corporate gifts for the fashionable executive...money clips in the shape of paperclips, set squares, and pencil cases. Really, all that's missing is one of those swinging ball stress relievers...each ball emblazoned with the words "Prada"...I'm sure that will be part of next year's offerings though.

One of the few things that I saw on the site which did cause thoughts of the "what an incredible stocking stuffer" type were the Tarot cards. Not only is the artwork intriguing but I could waft around in the 70's dress I just bought trying to reenact Jane Seymour's role as Solitaire in the Bond film, Live and Let Die.

[Bond picks "The Fool" out of Solitaire's deck of cards]
Solitaire: You have found yourself.


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  • Anonymous said...
    11:40 AM
    You mean Jane Seymour, don't you?
  • hebden said...
    7:43 PM
    Oops...yes, thanks...Jane.

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