Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--Of cabbages--and kings--

I seem to be spending all of my spare time online at the moment, either blogging or on eBay. Yes, I am currently in eBay mode, having finally decided to turn some of the unworn clothing that I have folded up in cupboards or hanging in closets into cold, hard, cash. As I go through everything I realize that although some of the pieces are mine, some are vintage and belonged to my mother. In the second instance I think I've held onto the clothes as some kind of memory aid but, it has to be faced...they're not me...it's unlikely that they ever will be me...and I could buy something I'd actually wear with the money I could recoup. Additionally, keeping these items as some kind of fashion-based momento mori probably isn't the healthiest idea. I know that it's by no means an original thought but I'm always amazed by the power of clothes...both positive, and negative...and the memories and associations that can surround them...but, as The Walrus said, "the time has come".

And so, I am clicking away with my camera and trying to write appealing text and, in the occasional instance, finding something that I'd either forgotten about or didn't know was there in the first place, something I'm willing to try and find a home for in my day-to-day wardrobe. Not that a huge quantity of items are falling into the "keeper" pile...so far, the number is two...a pair of Chanel moccasins with winkle picker-ish toes because, even though they're too large and a little "off", I refuse to get rid of Chanel shoes...and a DKNY chambray wrap skirt which is vaguely similar to the lower portion of an Isabel Marant dress that I've had my eye on.

Who knows, if I end up with money and some "new" clothes, this might not be too painful an experience after all.


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  • Iheartfashion said...
    6:02 PM
    That's my all-time favorite poem. My mom made me memorize it when I was about 5. I can still remember it..."The sun was shining on the sea..." well, you know the rest.

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