Release the hounds!

Even though the only thing in my fireplace is my television set, and the only fire that I will be settling down in front of this winter is on a dvd...thereby losing out on the ability to toast the occasional marshmallow but gaining from not having to lug logs up three flights of stairs (a good example of the old "swings and roundabouts" scenario if I ever saw one)...I do love the idea of hanging a mounted head over the hearth.

Yes, instead of sugarplums dancing in my head I have visions of ski lodges and baronial mansions...mounted Moose heads...and Colonal Mustard killing Miss Scarlet in the library with a lead pipe.

And if I had the spare cash I would be fulfilling my dream with this antique beagle head from a carnival Carousel. Originally from a hunting club in the Adirondacks, it encompasses everything I was looking a nicely off-beat way.


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