R.I.P. Z.u.l.u

It's always depressing when an old friend leaves us. My recent loss...a bottle of Nars' Zulu nailpolish...a dark, bottle green in whose depths I was able to become a twisted femme fatale (at least in my own mind). I first came across the color in a winter editorial from a British magazine (too long ago to remember which one)...the model wore winter white...and was as pale as I...yet her nails were chic-ly tinged with green. I could have imagined Morticia Addams in a similar shade if she had decided to take a break from blood reds. And so, my bottle of Zulu was purchased, and worn...and worn...and worn...and is now a sticky puddle at the bottom of the bottle. Unfortunately I missed the brief re-release of this color at Sephora during the run up to Christmas...my (bottle green) fingers are crossed however that another batch is released fairly soon.


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  • WendyB said...
    2:39 PM
    Looks nice! To think I missed it entirely.
  • colleen said...
    5:07 PM
    wow that's an orgasmic colour. pouvre-toi : (

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